2-in-1 Cleansing Micellar Gel + Light Makeup Remover

While micellar gel isn’t a new concept, this is one of the most thorough that I’ve tried. They’re probably right not to claim it as a make up remover for heavy make up – it wouldn’t tackle mascara I am sure – but it did a pretty decent job on mine at the end of the day. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to wash it off – just a whip over with some cotton wool afterwards is fine and it’s okay to use over the eye area, too.

Cleansing Micellar

Weirdly, it starts off as a gel and then as you massage it the formula turns watery – so you do actually end up with a micellar water in the end. I think it’s a good oily skin option, actually, because there is no residue left at all when you tissue or cotton wipe away and although my skin felt super soft and was cleaned to perfection, I couldn’t wait to get a moisturiser on it afterwards.

Micelles are tiny dots of oil, invisible in the water solution, but that grab away and dissolve dirt and excess oils from the skin without stripping it down. In this formula, main ingredients are Sodium Hyaluronate (hydration), Cucumber extract (anti-inflammatory) and Trehalose (moisture) but it does contain silicones if that’s an issue. Of its type, I like it (it’s £17) and I really like the fact that we have these textures such as a gel that becomes water to liven things up a bit, and it certainly is a speedy cleanse, but if you’re a cleansing traditionalist and like to get stuck in with balms and flannels, it’s probably not for you.

You can find it HERE.


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