I’ve worked within the beauty industry for fifteen years, living and breathing the beauty world. There is no place I’d rather be. Uncovering new beauty, making existing beauty better and breathing life into creative beauty pathways when you’re stuck for ideas is what I do best.

I also work within the beauty social media sphere offering advice, creativity and guidance on how to get the balance right. I have vast experience from all sides of the social media sphere, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

In short, I can and will help you do it better. For commercial activity I can be contacted at britishbeautyblogger@gmail.com or on Twitter @britbeautyblog.

Would like to feed your content in my sidebar. Please provide your SKYPE ID, mine is: POSHGLAMDOTCOM & mobile (if you want) x

  • Hello,

    I am CEO of Ambicare Health a new dermatology company in the UK.We recently launched a new home use device for Acne sufferers many of whom are young adult women with persistent problems.I am not sure if you have covered this in the past but it would be good to discuss this with you if you felt your followers would be interested.

    With best regards


  • Hey,
    I’m really new to this whole… thing. I really don’t have much of a clue how to start and get up and running (so far I’ve set up my blog and twitter account) and I was wondering if you could lend a hand.

  • Hi,
    I’m Zara, I have recently started my own online beauty shop. I have also found testing and trialing all the products I sell a whole load of fun and as a consequence decided to start my own blog. I am a newbie but there are lots of stuff I would love to blog about and would love to guest blog on your site…Let me know if you’re at all interested.in helping me through this new process.
    love to hear from you
    Zara x

  • Hi I’m Ika a wedding planner and events stylist, just found your blog and i have to say its great, would love to more makeup products for black brides.


  • Hi there,
    I’d LOVE you to work with me so I can show the innovative cosmetic products I supply to a bigger audience for sure. We’ve not commonly heard of this cosmetic company BUT WE SHOULD they really are knocking the socks off all the high street brands when tried by my friends, family and customers over the last 2 years and at prices affordable for all. TOP QUALITY natural and mineral makeup, body and skincare range for all skin types, INCLUDES a complete range for ethnic and dark skin which is where I feel there’s a HUGE gap in the market and I’m sure my products could more than happily step in there.
    Being a blog/computer virgin really this is a learning progress for me but do hope my passion will shine through and I just get some products out there and tried, I have faith from that point they will be LOVED and results will be noticeable.
    Hope you can advise the best way to go about this xx
    Many thanks Tracey

  • Hello Jane,
    I read about your blog on the newspaper and found it really good. I would like you to review some products I work with and which are new to the UK. What is the next step?
    Here is my email: christina.ustinov@gmail.com
    Looking forward to hearing form you soon.
    Kind regards

  • Hi I’m a qualified hairdresser currently studying beauty any help, advice or who to be in contact with would be greatly appreciated, Sarah Fox

  • Hi Jane,

    I have recently began my own company distributing Natural Beauty products and was hoping you would be kind enough to do a review.

    Can you please advise your process?



  • Hi,
    I have just launched a new product onto the market and wondered whether I could send a sample for you to review. Also, I would welcome your assistance with getting this off the ground. I am struggling with getting my head around all of the social media things that I need to do and it would be great to work with someone who is already totally au fait with it particularly with the added benefit of beauty experience.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, just like to say I love the blog and how personal it is, a lot of the stuff I’ve read is very robotic from other blogs – just wanted to be a bit cheeky and post my new blog link here; it’s a blog for men’s everyday fashion and style http://www.modernman101.wordpress.com I know that this blog is primarily for women, but I’m sure you, or anyone who sees this post has male friends who could use some advise on fashion, or want reviews on hair or skin products before they buy them, or just to keep up with current causal styles, thanks – JC

  • Hi Jane, I’m studying at college & I’m going to university hopefully in September. Im not all clued up on make up & I want to find a few make up products that I could wear to give my skin a natural look. Ive got scars from sports & I have dry patches around my nose. I want to start university feeling & looking like an adult. I was wondering if you had any make up tips & products that could help please.
    & I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! Okay, I think the first thing to do is go and get colour-matched for foundation at Boots with their colour matching machine.. I forget its name, then you never have to worry that it’s the wrong shade. If you pick one of their foundations suitable for your skin type that’s a good starting point. I love Bourjois creme blush – they’re quite natural looking and buildable if you want more intensity. I honestly wouldn’t even think about trying to cover scars – they’re part of your face and sometimes trying to cover up what is naturally there isn’t the best thing to do and skin looks less and less natural the more you try and cover it. For dry patches, ensure that you exfoliate regularly and moisturise (I like Avene products for dryness). When you pick out lip colours, always opt for a natural look first (I like Lanolips tinted balms), then as your confidence grows you can experiment with other shades; brown mascaras are good for a natural look rather than full-on black. Good luck at uni! xx

      1. Okay that sounds fantastic ill do it on my next day off. Thanks for the help and thank you for the luck with university. I wish all the best of luck with your blog and your personal life! xx

  • Hi Jane. I went to Boots and the service was fantastic. The woman was really nice but also she completely understood where I was coming from. I love the foundation she chose for me. It suits my skin perfectly and there was an offer on No 7 products. Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it!!

  • Hi!

    I would really LOVE to work with you. My website is coming soon and we will be specialising in asian beauty products for all skin types with brands like Skinfood, Tony Moly, Laneige, Missha and more. It would be great to have your expert opinion on some of our products once our website is live.

    Would this interest you at all?

    Lindsey x

  • Hey Jane,

    I am fashion designer and I design wedding dress and stylist for Indian brides. I have lot of beauty make tips that is normally for Indian bride. I would like that to featured on your website. Is there a way?

    1. Hi there, no not really – it’s just not the sort of thing that I do but there are lots of bloggers that would love to try out a wedding make over so do approach other people. x

  • I love your blog and really admire the heart you put in writing all the articles.There is not many websites like this where you could find a guidance on owerwhelming world of beauty .I would love to cooperate with you. I run small niche cosmetics business for home and proffesional use. I wonder if I could send you few items for the review.Just recently we have launched new product – algae peel off mask which is a killer.I just need to tell people about this and hoping you could help me a bit https://www.ultrasonicbeauty.com/products/algae-peel-off-mask

  • Hello Jane,
    I’ve been reading articles about Retinol but as I’m a heavily wrinkled seventy two year old with sensitivity to some ingredients is there any point in using it, would it actually make a difference?
    I enjoyed the discussion re Brand loyalty, I was perfectly happy with a Clarins cream some years ago, the formula was changed and I had an unpleasant rash. I passed it on to my daughter and she reacted to it as well so I haven’t bought from them since.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Clarins is a big offender for prioritising new consumer recruits – maybe they’ll re-set. I hope so because their older following was devoted! I would say yes to using retinol but only if you can find one that is specifically for sensitive skin and you ease in gently – every 3 days at first and then every 2. Over time, you should see some results. I can’t guarantee that you won’t react, of course, and the only one I’ve really put to long use is Origins and I liked it a lot. Avene has brought one out in the US but not here yet that I would expect you to be safe with but La Roche Posay has one available in the UK so you might want to start there. Both brands are for sensitive skins so I would hope they’re good options for you.

  • hey, I think I accidentally subscribed to your site when I visited it once, can you please unsubscribe me? I keep getting notifications on my laptop. Thankyou!

    1. Hi you can unsubscribe following this:

      Go to the browser menu on your smartphone.
      Select “Settings”.
      Click “Site Settings”.
      Choose “Notifications”
      The list of blocked and allowed websites will open. …
      Select a website to unsubscribe from push notifications.

  • Hi Jane. We would love for you to try some of our new product range here at mamabare. We and our customers believe we have a fantastic product but I would love to receive feedback from a high level professional such as yourself. If you could ever find the time please email me and I will be more than exited to be able to send tour products of choice. Thank you so much for your time in reading my message.

    1. If you subscribe to the updates that arrive in the morning there is an unsubscribe option. If you subscribe to notifications that alert you when I post, you can change that in your settings – On your computer, open Chrome.
      At the top right, click More. Settings.
      Under “Privacy and security,” click Site settings.
      Click Notifications.
      Choose to block or allow notifications: Allow or Block all: Turn on or off Sites can ask to send notifications.

  • Hi Jane,

    Just read your view for AR makeup on BBC. I’m doing a research on the experiential consumption of AR in retailing. I was wondering if we can have an interview and discuss the future of AR technology? My research is at the final stage and I’m happy to share the findings.


    1. It’s not something I’ve done at my end – I think possibly you have accidentally subscribed on a MAC which seems to be notorious for this – if you Google ‘how to stop notifications on MAC’ it will show you the way.

  • Hello, I’d like to be able to discuss your articles on No7 Skincare a little more if possible.

    1. Have a look at Prai products – specifically their neck cream although it’s very difficult for a cream to do anything much for older neck skin. If you wanted to go down the injectable route, look at Profhilo.

  • I just did Morpheus 8 two days ago, and it gave me a turkey neck immediately!!! I’m so depressed. I looked beauty before that.

  • Hi,

    I viewed an article on your website and somehow became subscribed to alerts and notifications. I didn’t opt into this knowingly- could you please unsubscribe me or explain to me how I can do this, I can’t find anything on your site that allows me to unsubscribe.



  • Hi Sarah. We are a UK liquid marine collagen brand, So Collagen, we offer a premium product at a much lower price than our competitors. We’d like to see if we can work with you

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