[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I think you can just call this a cleansing oil – in my learning, micelles are tiny oil droplets within a water formula base so I don’t know truly how different oil drops in oil can truly be from, er, just oil. That said, this is a very decent oil cleanser and I’ve been using it all week to remove mascara, lipsticks and eye liners that I’ve been testing.

Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Oil

To go back a few years, the original Bioderma Crealine (as it was called then) was a beloved ‘secret’ product of make up artists to soothe and prep model skin between shows at varying Fashion Weeks. Any trip to Paris included stocking up on their pharmacy brands but easily most searched was Bioderma Crealine. It’s now called Bioderma Sensibio and I still always have a bottle of it somewhere for its gentle but effective action as it’s specially designed for sensitive skin and is the easiest TV cleanse you’ll find. Cotton wool, Sensibio and Wine – it’s all you need ;-).

This oil is slightly less ‘clean and go’ because it requires a wash-off which doesn’t fit with my ‘not moving from the sofa’ goals but it is as lush and lovely as you’d hope and waterproof mascara disappeared easily with this. The format is a soft oil full of omegas 3 and 6 as well as amino acids. It just feels like something good for the skin and with such reliability in removal, it’s an easy win for anyone with reactive or sensitive skin. The instructions say to emulsify with water – I didn’t do that – I just massaged it all around my face and eyes and removed with warm, damp cloth and it works like a charm to leave skin bouncy, comfortable and clean. It’s £18 HERE, you don’t need much so don’t be over-generous and while that feels like it’s nudging away from pharmacy pricing, if you have dry skin, it’s a blessing.


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