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I’m a beauty writer for both on-line and mainstream media. I’ve written 4 beauty books over the years and never want to write another! I have two children, a little poodle and live in South East London.

I started writing beauty for various newspapers. When I first started writing, my initiation was to be made Shopping Editor on a parenting magazine, because the previous incumbent had walked. Actually, it wasn’t long before I followed her, realising that there is only so much fascination a limited edition set of Duplo can induce.

I then had a column in The Guardian again about children’s product but progressed to some travel writing. Eventually, someone at The Express gave me a go at writing about beauty, and the rest is history. I’ve never enjoyed writing about anything as much as I do about beauty. It’s endlessly interesting, constantly changing and I am never lacking for subject matter.

I started British Beauty Blogger as a place to talk about products and experiences in a way that just wasn’t possible in magazines or papers: I wanted to say if a product was rubbish and not just discretely ‘not mention it’.. I just felt consumers had a right to know if they were throwing their money away. Basically, I had gathered so much product knowledge and it was all sitting in my brain doing nothing, so along came the blog.

So, I like to showcase products I think are excellent, beautiful, and exciting, as well as give a no holds barred point of view on products that aren’t so good. My thought is that if a brand is asking for money for a product that doesn’t do the job, isn’t great value for its market, is all smoke and mirrors, they need to go away and make a better one and not expect nobody to mention that it really isn’t very good.

Advertising Policy: I now take selected ads in an open fashion and sponsored posts which are clearly labelled. In the interests of being open, the sidebar is a paid for service for products I personally rate and like. You’ll never see anything I don’t actually like in the sidebar for the sake of a buck.

There is a flat rate for the sidebar place, and therefore no other fees to me. For more information visit Work With Me.


  1. Hi, I’m a journalism student in my final year at Solent university Southampton. For my final major project I’m making a UK version of Allure magazine and was wondering if I can interview you for a feature? I’mhappy to conduct the interview over email and it would be great to get your answers to some beauty questions. Please let me know if you would be interested.

  2. Hi there, I wonder if you had any trouble with the Weleda offer as I put in an order and paid but have not heard anything back from them. I’m wondering if it was too good to be true or if they were bombarded with orders? If you have any ideas that would be great.

    I love reading your blog and in fact I’ve been catching up on the last 10 or so. Keep it up.

      1. Thanks Jane, I did email them yesterday but had not heard back. It could be that they’re waiting for all the boxes to be delivered to them. Fingers crossed! Thanks again

        1. I experienced a delay with the Weleda offer myself, but all turned out fine in the end…
          I didn’t receive a dispatch email (which was promised in the original confirmation message) but my order did arrive after a few weeks.
          I think the delay/lack of communication from Weleda is just down to the popularity of the offer. For the incredible value and gorgeous products it’s well worth the wait though! 🙂
          I hope that’s a help. x

  3. Hi Korina, thanks for your email and apologies for the delay. I will keep hanging in there but to date still no response from them. Let’s hope they send out the package soon as it definitely ticks all the boxes for me too. I love their products and have used them for years.

  4. I love beauty and only a child but am a keen blogger please could you spread my blog around and follow it if you are interested in fashion and makeup and give me some advice as I’m not a experienced blogger. Thanks Erin x
    my blog is – vintagehaxs.blogspot.com

  5. I just love your blog!! I´m from Brazil but I´ve already lived in UK in the past and have family there. I love reading your posts daily!

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