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DKNY Art: Keith Haring

Ooh! DKNY has gone daring with designs from Keith Haring. The two arty collaborations above launch at the Perfume Shop from March, while below, Be Delicious, Fresh Blossom and Golden…
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BBB Update

Okay, so a very quick update to say that existing GFC followers should still get BBB updates as normal, but we can’t add any new ones now so if you…
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Ooh, Hello!

This is my first time posting from BBB’s new home; WordPress. The site looks a little different at the moment but it will all be tidied up over the next…
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Happy Christmas

 “It’s too early. I never eat December snowflakes. I always wait until January.” –Lucy as her friends eat new snowflakes #peanuts Every year, I say I’m going to do something really…
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The HydraFacial

I’m still buzzing a little bit from my Hydrafacial at The Waterhouse Young Clinic on Devonshire Street. It is the kind of functional facial that is right up my street…
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Laduree Charms

  Because Mr BBB works in Paris, over the years we’ve become aware of the custom of La Galette des Rois; or King Cake.  It’s a cake made of flaky…
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