Boo. Nude have lost the first round in their battle with L’oreal’s YSL fragrance, StellaNude that I have previously posted about. Comments on my first post about this court case indicate that the majority of BBB readers can’t see what the fuss is all about, particularly in the States. From a personal perspective, I just don’t like big companies bullying little companies. In Nude’s case, when L’Oreal lawyers came knocking at their door asking for permission to use the trade mark ‘Nude’ (and it does indeed have a European trade mark pertaining to its use in the beauty industry), Nude politely declined. So, L’Oreal did it anyway. Thats the bit I don’t like. Start up and new beauty brands have a struggle enough without huge corporations wading in and walking all over them. Imagine the other way round…if Nude decided to call their (in the pipeline) fragrance NudeStella (Stella actually means Star), first in the queue to slap a lawsuit on their tiny desk would be I am sure, L’Oreal. So, personally, I’d really like to see L’Oreal rapped on the knuckles, if only for the wider implications for other small, but gorgeous, beauty brands for whom competing agaist the big guns is like pushing water up hill. Anyone who has ever used Nude Replenishing Night Oil will know exactly what I’m saying.

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