[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad]  The Armani Neo Nude Melting Colour Balms are billed as versatile blush/eyeshadow multi-functional balms and oh yes, they do a great job on both although I’d suggest there is a cheek bias. I’m wearing the same shade today (50) on my eyes and cheeks and it amounts to a mellow make up look that is both natural and enhancing. It’s such a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to do a full eye look but still wants something that looks defining in a neutral, pared back format.  The same shade on eyes and cheeks might feel counterintuitive but actually works very nicely.

Armani Neo Balms

I’d recommend going for the deeper tones because they’re more or less translucent on the skin and unless you have very pale skin the lighter ones may not show. I’d also say that how well it appears and then stays on your lids will depend upon how oily your lids are – if they’re very oily, I’d suggest this as a cheek product only because while it does go onto the lid easily and well, staying may well be another matter. I love it on my cheeks – it looks so natural and at home with my skin and is next level on diffusion.

Armani Neo Balms

The texture of the balm is silky feeling and initially moist – in the pan it looks exactly like a powder and feels like a surprise when your brush sinks in rather than skirting across.

Armani Neo Balms

I think I’d mainly use the Armani Neo Nude Melting Colour Balms as bare skin enhancers with a bit of Tan Luxe as a base because I’m getting paler by the day, although it will do just as well over foundation or tinted moisturiser. The finish, by the way, is matte but it’s a kind matte that isn’t the least bit drying and because it melds so well with your own skin, there’s not an obvious disparity between textures.

The shades from bottom to top are No.22, No.45, No.30 and No.61. I’m sold on these for ‘no-make-up’ days where you inexplicably look lovely ahem, without, any. I’ve found them on offer at Look Fantastic for £24 HERE instead of £32 each – if you’re using on both lips and cheeks I think that seems a fair price especially when the packaging is so beautiful. Non-affiliate link HERE.


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