Age Resistant Cleanser

Well, this has to be a first! Darren McKeown’s first skin care range is called Naked Truth because he insists on not giving false promises. So while he is handy with a needle (he’s the same Darren that re-contoured my jaw-line), you’re not going to find anything on the box that promises ‘Botox in a jar’ or other ridiculous claims that anti-ageing creams end up making. He’s chosen all the ingredients himself based on real, proven ingredients based on science rather than fiction. Basically, if there is no scientific evidence that an ingredient works (so none of that ‘may‘ help to delay ageing etc) it doesn’t go in the formula. 

Intensive Care For Tired Eyes

From first look (I haven’t tried the range yet), I love the simple packaging. Superdrug are scheduled to take the range (on line from April 18th), and prices range between £16.99 and £28.99. Personally, I think it’s something of a blessing that we will have a ‘Doctor’ brand that doesn’t bullshit. Definitely a rarety.

Face Renewal Mask

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