MAC Black Friday
MAC Black Friday

I’ve got a feeling that the MAC Black Friday palette, Smokey Black Friday, is a US only variant that can be found on

While Black Friday has traditionally been a US thing, even John Lewis here in the UK is getting into the swing of things. If you ever wondered where the term Black Friday comes from, it’s apparantly a relic from the ‘official’ start of Christmas shopping when retailers would start off with some discounts to get everyone out and about and into the shops. In order not to miss any of the deals, traffic – and tempers – built up, causing havoc. So, bleak moods and grungy traffic are the origins! I’d hoped it was something more exciting than that to be honest!

So if you want to get your hands on the MAC Black Friday Palette, you’ll need a Stateside friend and a calm and even temperament! It’s $25.



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