Just going back to when there was no social media (I had the indignity of explaining today to some lovely beauty students that I remember when you had to fax your copy to magazines and newspapers .. because there was NO internet!) a video from a PR agency like this would have been unthinkable.

But, oh my goodness, isn’t this better than a paper press release or some generic email languishing in your in-box? Monty PR are the first agency (that I’ve seen) to grab the bull by the social media horns and create a video beauty press release viewable on YouTube. What’s cool about it is that they didn’t use models or actors, they winged it themselves and put the real into PR. Bearing in mind that social media is built on ‘real’ this is one of the smartest moves ever. It’s also given the team first hand experience of what it’s like to vlog – nerve wracking!

When I saw it a month or so ago, I retweeted madly because of its innovation and forward thinking – and to be honest, just the fun of it. When you think about it, it’s a brave move in a world that loves slick and glossy best of all. The Monty Team have gone out on a limb and I love it! There’s plenty of Shopping Channel irony – some super-blue 80’s shadows and a mullet wig on Michael that deserves a show of its own.

Fortune favours the brave, and I think next year we’ll see more of these. But there can only ever be one ‘first’ so hats off to them. It’s worked on a social media level and a PR level – most PRs have no clue what it’s like to put yourself up for critique in front of a camera so I feel rather proud that they’ve walked in our shoes.

If you don’t live in beauty PR/blog world, then it’s also quite a handy resource for Christmas buys and the absolute antidote to QVC! And also, it’s nice to see things from the other side sometimes. I just wish you could see my huge wall of paper releases, too….Enjoy!


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