I discovered today via email that Frontcover Cosmetics ‘are launching exclusively at Boots in October’. There was something about this that rang a bell with me so I Googled Frontcover, only to discover that they launched exclusively with Boots last year! But, meanly, and despite parts of the range being a sell-out, Boots decided not to carry on with the brand throughout the rest of the year, seemingly to want them only at Christmas as an add-on gifting range to their already heavy beauty brand line-up. How Boots can expect small, independent cosmetic companies trying to break new ground in an already saturated market, to survive with that kind of fair-weather friend attitude is beyond me. Anyway, Frontcover responded with a petition on their web site asking customers to sign up so they can send it to Boots to prove there is a demand all year round. This year, Boots appears to have done exactly the same – sign them up from September to January. Come on Boots, spread the love and do what we’d expect from a proudly British institution – support new initiatives with a graceful and dignified attitude and quit the self serving penny pinching. Here come the girls, indeed. Here come the profit forecasts, more like. If you want to support this fab brand, check them out:

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