[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I remember when clear wash bags or make up bags first became mainstream thinking they were weird – I had a set from M&S, which soon turned into two sets, and from then on I haven’t used anything else for travel. It’s just such an easy win – you can see everything you have and for anyone who has ever spent more time than they need to rootling about in a wash bag for the tiny crayon that’s fallen right to the very bottom, a frustration saver. Now you can take your choice of clear bags from M&S, SpaceNK to this one here from Accessorize.

Accessorize Clear Make Up Bag

This one’s quite big – not for carry-on, that’s for sure – but absolutely perfect for putting all your liquids in one place in your suitcase. But, they’re obviously not just for travel – it’s an accessible style that’s great for the bathroom and/or any medications you might have. You certainly won’t lose this bright orange colour, although the bag is also available in black or green. Nowhere to store your brushes? It’s exactly the right size for the long ones.

Accessorize Clear Make Up Bag

I travelled through London City airport last week and they’ve got rid of the old liquid allowance of 100ml because they have new scanners (apparently) and so in that instance, I could have taken all of the above with me. The only problem is that unless the airport at the other end has the same new scanners, you can’t bring it back again! But, it’s heralding a new allowance across the board so you can take all your precious products away for a weekend with you. The bag is £16 HERE which feels very reasonable to me and the colour is just right for the emerging sunshine.


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