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Example Elastoplasts!

I love this story from Elastoplast, and while not strictly beauty, liked it enough to mention it.  A while ago, Elastoplast sent singer Example some plasters when he was number…
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Meet Panda Pen

Love this neat idea from Australia. The Panda Pen is a handy gadget to wipe away those mascara moments with a tip of woven cotton to clean up any smudges.…
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Shiseido Softeners

Where have I been half my beauty life? I’ve discovered a major knowledge gap because I had no clue these beautiful skin softeners even existed. How that happened is anyone’s…
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Okay, I’m having a quick fashion moment, but only because I love Hello Kitty. The new high end (read: expensive) brand launches properly in spring 2012. See, I said it…
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Black Jade by Lubin

I found this beautiful scent story on US site, www.luckyscent.comcentred around Marie Antoinette. As you might expect, her court had a royal perfumer, Jean-Louis Fargeon who created luxurious fragrance just…
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