Hmm, I Think I Found My Limit. Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick


Yes, I will pay £35 for a Tom Ford lipstick. I will. But, would I pay $60 for a Cle de Peau lippie? I don’t think I could. The new lipsticks are amazing in design with a baguette facetted tip … Read more

*Waving From The Bottom Branch*

There’s been Twitter-chatter a-plenty amongst bloggers recently about who-gets-sent-what-by-whom, which is a direct parallel to what goes on between beauty writers, too. It’s oh so easy to feel your nose is out of joint if you spot another journalist wearing … Read more

All For Eve Launches Today!


All For Eve is the new lifestyle brand started by George Hammer in memory of his sister-in-law Nadia who tragically died of ovarian cancer in 2008. The brand sends all profits straight to the Eve Appeal where monies are put … Read more

You Little Furry Thing! Illamasqua Kabuki Body Brush


If you want all the cuddles but none of the feeding and clearing up, you could do worse than invest in the Illamasqua Kabuki Body Brush as a pretend-pet. Its quite literally the softest, fluffiest thing you ever felt and … Read more

What’s Next From Clarisonic? Opal Sonic Infusion System


Regular readers of this blog will know I am more than just a little bit in love with my Clarisonic cleansing brush. So, I’m also quite excited to see that the next bit of Clarisonic love we’ll be seeing over … Read more