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Name To Watch: Veronique Simon

In the world of facial enhancements, skin perfecting and complexion rejuvenation, Veronique Simon is about to become London’s latest beauty guru.

A New Take On Nude Lips: The Pocket Rocket

A New Take On Nude Lips: The Pocket Rocket
I don’t know what to make of the lastest Urban Decay offering; The Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss. It’s in a flattened out tube for an easier pocket fit – that’s great, we don’t need anything that adds lumps and bumps to our bums and I’ve always got lipgloss in the back pockets of my jeans... Read More

Sun Sinners Rejoice: NIA24

Sun Sinners Rejoice: NIA24
Despite the less than inspired name, this new skin care brand is promising great things for those who didn’t heed the sunscreen warnings and are now seeing the signs of damage. Hyper-pigmentation (dark spots that form over time and become more obvious with age), wrinkles and texture are all signs of sun damage that make... Read More

Cargo At Sainsbury’s

Cargo At Sainsbury's
Canadian beauty brand, CARGO, and Sainsbury’s have been knocking about together for a while now, but at last it’s no longer the secret that it was. With just a small selection at a sparse number of branches, there was very little in the press about it. Now, all that’s changed and while it’s still only... Read More

Poppy King’s Big Bang Theory

Poppy King's Big Bang Theory
Hmm – fuller lips without the sting? Sounds too good to be true. But self styled Lipstick Queen, Poppy King’s latest creation promises exactly that. Generally, lip plumpers contain ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol or camphor to irritate the delicate lip skin and cause swelling, which when you think about it, isn’t ideal. Arriving in... Read More

Behind The Gloss…

Behind The Gloss...
Okay, so we’re deep into the credit crunch and it’s really starting to take hold in the beauty world. However, we’re informed again and again that beauty generally weathers financial storms because of the feel-good factor essential for keeping morale up. It’s well known that in times of crisis lipstick sales shoot up because women... Read More

Night Oil: AD Skin Synergy

Night Oil: AD Skin Synergy
I’ve got a huge fondness for this lovely night oil from AD Skin Synergy. It was my first introduction to skin oils – a relatively new concept for mainstream skin care back in the day. I came across it when I did a screen test to present it on QVC; I bombed the test but... Read More