I don’t know what to make of the lastest Urban Decay offering; The Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss. It’s in a flattened out tube for an easier pocket fit – that’s great, we don’t need anything that adds lumps and bumps to our bums and I’ve always got lipgloss in the back pockets of my jeans – and there’s a double sided lid with a holographic picture of a man who, depending upon how you move the gloss is either dressed or undressed. I got sent Jesse (a shimmery brown/wine shade) who is probably the least easy on the eye – he looks a bit grubby to me, but each guy has his own ‘persona’. Jesse ‘owns a dingy cave of a bar on the Sunset strip’ – and frankly looks as rough as old eggs. Anyhoo….the others are better. Into all this mix of new tube shape, holograms etc is a pheromone strip on each of the 8 glosses….rub it and release ‘sexy pheromones’. While I think the concept is cute, the packaging incredibly innovative, it’s just all tooooo much. I’m sure it will be a really big seller though because it’s so different. 10.50 pounds from April.

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