Priori Active Cleanser

Is it just me getting mildly irritated by product names that sound super scientific for no good reason whatsoever? I am sure that Q+SOD fx 210 means something, but it doesn’t to me and it won’t to your average consumer either. Priori, guilty as charged. BUT heck, this is a great cleanser so we can put that to one side for a moment. If I just cut through the layers of information, I get to lactic acid and salicylic acid and they’re the two components that take this from just a very decent and thorough cleanser to something in the extra category. In fact, if you leave it on your skin for two minutes or so, you get a flash balm effect and your complexion will look instantly brighter and fresher. It really does work, too.

You may not need to use this every day – in fact, I’d suggest that you’re careful not to use it too much; every other day would be fine, or even once a week, as the acids are efficient. It’s not drying and you can use it on acne or even dry skin. You put a pea sized amount in the palm of your hand, add a drop or two of water and massage into your skin before rinsing away. My skin felt super clean and soft afterwards (although I have only used it a couple of times as I’m already testing a couple of acid products and I don’t want to over-do it). You might get a tingle with this because it is active – I didn’t, but I’m assured that it’s normal for some sort of sensation to occur.

I like the thoroughness of this cleanser as well as its versatility. At £42 it’s pretty pricey but if you’re only using a couple of times a week then you’ll have it for a while. You can find it HERE.

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