Clinique Even Better Clinical
Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer

Remember Clinique’s speckled egg campaign that really drilled home the point about pigmentation? I’ll say ahead that I have pigmentation and it genuinely doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t actively seek to reduce it – I like skin to have personality and not conform to a blank ideal. But, even though the Clinique campaign sparked a whole world of hitherto un-noticed pigmentation paranoia, it did actually turn out to be an effective way to reduce it. So, that’s something!

Next in line, using the same CL-302 complex that proved to work in the first Even Better products, is this dual chamber version that contains the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector along with an Optimizer to prevent skin irritation from aggressors such as pollution which can be the cause of pigmentation in the first place. Put simply, it’s a corrector and preventer. If you already love Even Better, then the chances are high that you’ll like the ‘optimized’ version.

The Optimizer uses Gyokuru extract (green tea) containing caffeine and theanine (anti irritant and anti oxidant), molasses (anti oxidants, and more importantly dampens down melanocyte action before melanin is created), Algae extracts (calming, anti-irritant, preventative) and Dipotassium Gycyrrizate, Sucrose and Sorbitol to calm and soothe.

I think you’d need at least a few months to see how prevention is working for you – but if you’re already using corrector, I’m not sure how you’d tell that any prevention has happened. This is going to have to be filed in the Big Beauty Mystery cupboard I think, but as I say, if you already use Corrector, the double whammy seems a good next step if that’s already working nicely for you.  One tiny thing… one green chamber, one white chamber – I was really hoping for a nice stripe in the product when it comes out (like toothpaste.. why don’t beauty creams do that!), but all just merges together to make a very light green combo.

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Optimizer is £60 and is launching any day now.

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