Balance Me Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum

I do not ever get beyond the thrill of a lab sample. When I get samples in that format, it’s usually an early look at a forthcoming product so here we are – meet Balance Me Tri-Molecular Hyaluronic Serum. I think by now that we all know hyaluronic molecules come in different weights and some are more effective at long-term hydration than others. Basically put, the heavier molecules feel immediately great on the surface of the skin but that’s where they say, while lighter molecules are said to penetrate better.

This serum, that doesn’t launch til next March, uses three weights: Hyacare 50 for deep hydration (and the lowest weight), Hyacare Filler CL is the medium weight and Hyaluronic Acid BT is the higher weight. Using all three means you get the quick fix and the long fix with improved barrier function as well. I have found, since I splosh hyaluronic on my face at any opportunity, is that some hyaluronic serums feel lovely as you apply but as soon as its absorbed, my skin feels either the same or even drier afterwards (water evaporation, I am sure). With this, my skin stayed balanced – a bit silker even, making it a good pre-make up product as well as a morning and evening serum. I don’t know the price which is possibly why I’m being so liberal with it at the moment and obviously haven’t had long enough to test it so don’t see any long-term results. I like it though – and I’ve seen a lot of these. Roll on March 2019.

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