Shiseido Inkstroke Gel Eyeliner

I got more of the Shiseido Inkstroke Gel Eyeliner colours through to show you and it turns out I’m as rubbish at applying these on my arm as I am on my eyes. I can only apologise! They are sublime though – they feel like a professional product to be honest and I imagine that make up artists go a bit weak with the gorgeousness of them. I love that they’ve put a little ‘scraper’ in the centre where you can wipe off any excess from the included brush so you get the perfect amount to put to your eye. Are you ready for the swatch of shame?

Shiseido Inkstroke Gel Eyeliner

Shades from bottom to top are: Empitsu Grey, Konai Blue and Shikkoku Black. They’re £22 each HERE. 

Shiseido Paperlight Cream

If you remember the days when a new eyeshadow was something special and not ten a penny as they are now, you’ll probably appreciate the Paperlight Cream Eyeshadows. They’re inspired by Japanese washi paper and have a translucent, matte finish that’s very unusual. I’d say they’re very ‘Japanese’ being an ultra smooth wash of colour destined to be boosted by a perfect eye line. I’m a huge fan of a peach colour to liven the eye area – it’s an awakening shade that really does a bit of magic. The peachy shade is Sango Coral and they grey is Usuzimi Grey. They’re £22 each HERE. There is also a pistachio green shade.



Shiseido Full Lash Mascara

Here’s the handy thing about this fulsome mascara – the brush bends so that you can angle it to exactly the way it suits you best.

Shiseido Full Lash Mascara

The bend angle gives the brush a bit more ‘push up’ so your lashes are naturally lifted. I can quite honestly say this gave the most perfect mascara application I’ve ever done. Japanese brands do lash separation to perfection – it isn’t, despite the name, a mega, fat lash coating. It’s much more refined than that with every lash coated with no clumps. I wish I’d done a separate post on it now because it deserves one all of its own! It’s £24 with a brown option HERE.

The Full Lash Mascara is my biggest recommend from the Shiseido newness – I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.



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