#AD The unexpected things that changed during lock down for me were that I started liking ginger & apple juice shots (you could not force me to eat ginger prior to this), I embraced a chilli paneer masala (totally lightweight on spicy food before) and I got much, much more interested in hair products. Several months away from having regular cuts and treatments meant I had to take charge of my own tresses – yes, including fringe trimming with the dog scissors and DIY dye.

I had the annoying experience of an itchy and flaky scalp in January (dandruff by another name) I think brought on by central heating but may never truly know – which made me look harder at scalp serums and keeping my scalp more healthy to avoid it in the future. I’m not particularly a fan of scalp exfoliants – too much of a reminder of sand in my hair as a child and the absolute shower down that entailed!

Scalp serums and dandruff remedies can be rather utilitarian and medical-seeming but not, I’m pleased to say, the new Ginger Scalp Serum from The Body Shop. In fact, the entire Ginger hair range feels more treat than treatment – Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo HERE and Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner HERE both have a raft of five star reviews so it’s not just me that’s loving them.

Most hair types can use the zingy Ginger hair collection, which really does smell spectacularly and spicily ginger-ish, for scalp well-being and anyone with a troublesome scalp can use the serum. Both the shampoo and conditioner bottles are made using Community Fair Trade Recycled Plastic which is worth a whole post on its own. But as a precis: some of the world’s most marginalised people are waste pickers, shunned and living well below the poverty line and yet they provide a barrier between waste and the ocean, preventing plastic entering the sea. The Community Fair Trade programme (in partnership with Plastics For Change) ensures that pickers, often women, are fairly rewarded for their labours while recycling continues to make use of waste plastic.

So, back to the new launch – Ginger Scalp Serum. This is an on-the-go scalp soother for tightness and dryness whilst calming any need to scratch and make things worse. You don’t need wet hair to use it because it’s not oily and doesn’t show.

I tend to use the serum after a hair wash and before a blow dry but find if I’m using it on dry hair the easiest way is to use a comb to part a space – simply add a couple of drops along the part and massage in. Repeat where needed, but do remember to have a sniff first for a spice hit.

For me, it’s more about scalp maintenance – ginger essential oil from Sri Lanka, white willow and birch bark extracts are good for all scalps and as well as nourishing, and can help balance excess oil production. Of course, a happy scalp encourages happier hair, so when I say it’s for everyone, it really is.

You can find the Ginger Scalp Serum HERE for £15 – a little goes a long way. If you fancy making your own ginger shot – simple as anything, especially if you have a blender, just chop some fresh ginger (go less rather than more at first and feel free to be creative with turmeric, lemon or anything that takes your fancy), chuck it in some good quality apple juice (a small cup size) and blend. Drink it straight away and ready yourself for the spice blast!

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