[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The Body Shop’s Vitamin C range has had a revamp – this is something I always like to see because it indicates that a brand realises something isn’t at it’s full potential so they take steps to adjust that. In the main, the collection sees an increase of Vitamin C in the formulas and a switch to at least 90% natural origin ingredients. I think The Body Shop is my most featured brand ever – I did a quick search to see how many posts over the years and without counting individually, the search brings up 26 pages of posts concerning The Body Shop! I’m waiting for a long-service award!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Serum Review

The serum is a completely new product containing bakuchiol which is sometimes known as a retinol alternative. It goes a different route to get to the same destination of evening out pigmentation. Combine that with 10% vitamin c and we are talking real results over the longer term. Never mind pigmentation, this is a very good all round skin refiner that moisturises and smooths. If you’re tempted by anything from TBS Vitamin C, make it this! Personally, I’d be tempted to mix a couple of drops in with the moisturiser and use it that way but otherwise, it’s serum first, then moisturiser because the weights tend to work that way. Both the moisturiser and the serum are super lightweight – with a lovely citrus smell and I’d personally recommend this for older skin that needs more glow and hydration (which is probably all of us!). TBS gets their vitamin C from camu camu berries in South America.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Revealing Serum Review

The other product I wanted to flag is the new Vitamin C Concealer in 20 shades. I rarely use a concealer (don’t care enough about dark circles) but if you do, this has enough Vitamin C that it may make some inroads into discolouration. I’m thinking less about dark circles and more about the patches you might put concealer onto – little pigmentation marks, redness around the nostrils and so on. For the record though, I think you should forgive your pigmentation – a totally blank canvas is not nearly as interesting or as beautiful as one with some personality. I feel like the textures in The Body Shop Vitamin C collection have been given good and detailed attention – they’re genuinely delightful to use. There’s an Overnight Mask and Daily Glow Cleansing Polish as well if you want to go all in. You can find the Serum for £26 and everything else HERE. I feel like it’s a good product for summer’s end – as with anything that exfoliates either physically or enzymatically you will need to be vigilant with SPF. It goes without saying that all the products are fair trade sourced where possible and as recyclable as possible too.

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