[productsamples/affiliate] Comprised of candles, diffusers, soaps, room sprays and sachets, the L’Occitane home fragrance collection has just arrived.

L’Occitane Home Collection

Initially, I was classifying the candle scents as ‘gentle’ because they do take a while to really start giving off anything meaningful which means you need to burn for longer, but after a time you suddenly realise that your room is smelling distinctly of Provence. A gentle fragrance level absolutely suits some people and of course, small spaces, so these candles do have the advantage of adjusting the burn time to suit your intensity preference. If you like Lush level fragrance, these aren’t for you, but for a day to day level, once they’ve got into the spirit of things, you’ll get a more than adequate ambience.

L’Occitane Home Collection

The range is set around mood balancing – I’m burning Douceur Immortelle, part of the Uplifting Collection, as I write and I can pick out the sweetness of orange and the pine notes but as yet no mint. It reminds me of clean washing for some reason – there’s something soft and comforting about it. Souffle de Liberte, part of the Revitalising Collection, is more aromatic with mint, pine and rosemary leading. They’re £20 each HERE.

L’Occitane Home Collection

When it comes to the soap, I have no complaints at all. L’Occitane soap is always soft, creamy, long-lasting and comes as a reassuringly solid block. I have Source d’Harmonie which has plenty of crisp, green notes of cypress, rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus – a wake up soap if you like and perfect for the morning shower. Cocon de Serenete is a blend of lavender, bergamot and mandarin. As you can see, they’re beautifully wrapped – wonderful secret present drawer staples to gift as long as you can resist using them yourself. They’re £10 each HERE which feels very reasonable. I can easily see myself gifting any or all of these to friends – they’re beautiful, priced right and fit any present category. I’m getting the Source d’Harmonie Soap for my dad – he’ll absolutely love it.

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