[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I adore a citrus fragrance – it’s hard to go wrong with a dash of zest but much as a love the first hit of orange, the dry down isn’t for me. Yuja, by the way, is Yuzu – a hybrid of mandarin and ichang papeda. It’s only called Yuja when used in Korean cuisine. Confusingly, although Yuzu is taken from the Chinese word Youzi, that now refers to Pomelo in China. Thanks Wikipedia!

Jo Malone London Limited Edition Yuja Cologne

So, as mentioned, the first orangey burst is a delight – the kind of fragrance that makes you want to take an extra deep breath to get as much as you can in of the fruit (don’t, by the way!). However, it’s been given a dash of resin in the form of fir balsam and woody notes of rosemary. I don’t know how, if you are a citrus fan, you would take to the other notes that complicate (but don’t disagree with) the zest – it’s fresh and warm at the same time which has confused my nose no end. I know it’s not for me personally – if I could just suspend the initial spritz I’d douse myself all day long but the background is too noisy. You will, however, if you are less conservative about how you like your citrus, find it intriguing and distinctive. 30ml is £52 (I swear I remember those small bottles being about £32 in the not too distant past) HERE, non affiliate HERE. Newness of note is below:

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Pen

I admit I haven’t been on the Jo Malone London website for a while so I’m not sure how new-new this pen style perfume is, but as a more affordable dip into the brand, at £26, I’m eyeing it up as a great gift for friends. Nectarine Blossom & Honey is amongst my favourite JM fragrances and I know it very well – a light, sweet and succulent, summer-perfect cologne. The notes are more nectarine and peach than honey in a delicate floral juice. It has a ceramic tip and the cologne is in gel form – you click, it appears. It’s HERE.


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