[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The entire Mio range has undergone a recent revamp – updating formulas and efficacy and some new packaging to boot. The product I was most interested to see (and hope that it wasn’t too changed) was Liquid Yoga which I absolutely adore. It’s just an absolute antidote to weariness, stress and aches.

Mio Liquid Yoga

I’ve found a yoga instructor (Millie) finally who comes to my house a couple of times a week – sometimes three – and we either do it outside or push all the furniture back in the front room (otherwise known as Lucy’s temporary ‘office’) so that we have enough space to be distanced. The strength that I was so upset to have lost over lock down (despite doing Adriene every day) is returning very quickly and not least because Millie is an intuitive instructor and if she senses I can go further, further we go! It’s fantastic. So, liking the literal connection, a dose of Liquid Yoga in the bath seems the perfect way to expand the experience into mind and muscle soothing down-time.

The updated version of Liquid Yoga has lost none of its power to trigger a relax response, and combined with manganese minerals, give those zinging muscles some welcome quiet.  The newness includes Indian Fig extract and Monk’s Pepper Berry combined with almond oil, lavendar, peppermint, lemon, mandarin and eucalyptus oils as well as Cannabis seed oil (didn’t notice its presence). The eucalyptus is what keeps it true to the original (in my mind, anyway) – there’s a kind of ‘after sports’ smell to it – along with a generous amount of peppermint (I think previously it was spearmint). They both disperse nicely in the milky mix (and a few bubbles which I don’t remember from the original) to make you feel wrapped and comforted. With autumn heading our way faster than expected, it’s a nice one for cossetting and cosying when needed. At £28 a bottle (200l), it’s treat territory – but don’t be tempted to skimp to make it last longer. You may as well have a few amazing baths that hit the emotional spot than a few more that don’t quite. It’s HERE, non affiliate HERE.


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