Viviscal To The Test

Now that I’m more open to the idea of supplements, when Viviscal asked me to do a six month trial, I was game on. It’s really strange that I’ve gone from being anti-supplements for skin to pro-supplements for skin because I’ve seen with my own eyes what they can do. Seeing results from supplements doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a long term thing, so if you’ve no faith from the beginning (or like me, no patience!) then it’s hard to swallow them down each day.

I’ve said many times on my blog that I hate big hair – that I have plenty of hair and don’t want it volumising. In fact, I’ve steered very clear of volumising products. However, it’s indicative of how long this blog has been running that I now don’t have such thick hair. I have plenty – it’s not what you could call thinning, but it’s certainly not as plentiful as it once was. The irony is however, that just as my tresses start to thin down, the same can’t be said for my chin! Bloody hell.. it’s not fair is it?!!

So, I’ve agreed to do a six month trial – written into my contract, just so we’re really clear, because this is a sponsored trial, is that I am able to give an honest opinion. If it doesn’t work for me, I will say so. I have a good supply ready and and waiting (I started yesterday in fact) and the Viviscal team are going to flag up over the months what changes I should be seeing and when.

I’ve done only top-line research on Viviscal supplements so that I’m not overloaded with information and can just naturally feel what’s happening rather than constantly waiting for this or that to occur. Sometimes you can look too hard at a thing. I can tell you though that ingredient wise, Viviscal supplements contain AminMAR C™ which is a marine complex, organic soluble silica, Acerola cherry (vitamin C), millet seed, zinc, biotin and iron.

It will be a full six months I think before I really see the results (if any), and I’ll be posting roughly every five to six weeks with updates on any changes. I can explain more about the product along the way, but if you want to do your own research and find information, the Viviscal site is HERE.

What I’m hoping it will do is slow down any further hair loss and also make my hair look a bit more fulsome. Bearing in mind that hair is one of the last places to get nutrition from your diet, it could well be that a supplement, if it’s replacing those nutrients, could have a marked effect. We shall see! In the meantime, if anyone has taken hair supplements I’d be very keen to know your thoughts while I put Viviscal to the test.

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