[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] So, you know that thing we almost never do, entirely knowing we should always do? That’s right – patch test before having our hair coloured. Even salons have forgotten that they’re supposed to do it. But, I can completely see the impracticality of calling a client in the day before to have a test before they come back again the following day. It doesn’t happen because it’s hard to do. And yet, a hair dye allergy can take you completely by surprise, come out of the blue even if you’ve had your hair coloured many times before and give a truly horrid reaction.

MixEz Hair Colour Sensitivity Sachet

I think that MixEz has been in development for at least five years and has finally settled on a collaborative collection with Organic Colour Systems (HERE) who supply salons with low toxicity, organic dyes to create colour since the founder had to give up his job as a hair stylist because he developed an allergy to dyes himself. MixEz is a really foolproof system. In one side is colourant and in the other is developer sealed off from each other – you squish the two sides together to break the seals allowing them into the top section where they mix and you then apply behind your ear or back of the neck to ensure there is no reaction. The formulas are exactly the same as the manufacturer so it’s completely accurate.

MixEz Hair Colour Sensitivity Sachet

Organic Colour Systems will send out a pre-filled MixEz sachet to clients before their appointment – more they can’t do! Results will show in a couple of hours. The potential for this is huge because there is nothing to stop other salons who use different systems from jumping on board and managing the safety of both their clients and themselves. Personally, I don’t specifically choose organic colourant – and will raise my hand to not always doing the safety test (only if it’s convenient if truth be known) and crossing my fingers. I sort of think this should be compulsory. With a two hour result, it’s possible to do it on the same day which sorts out the need-for-now problem – I can easily spend a couple of hours with a coffee and my phone while waiting. A rapid colour sensitivity test is a problem that has been waiting to be solved – and now it has. I hope it wins awards everywhere, because it should really. You can find out more HERE. 



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