[unpaid/sample] Full disclosure – Uchenna is a personal friend of mine who has helped me out of several emergency dental situations – and also done an SOS call with my dad about his dentures – I tell you, cherish your friends! I use her My Smile toothpaste all the time and not out of loyalty either, but it’s occurred to me today that it’s a very long time since I had any sensitivity in my teeth and that’s probably the toothpaste because I cannot think what else it could be.

Dr Uchenna’s My Smile Sensitivity Pen

So, the facts. The pen contains a blend of sodium fluoride, calcium gluconate, potassium citrate and cranberry liquid (the first time I’ve ever heard of this being used in a dental product). Apparently, it supports dental health by fending off harmful bacteria. The heavy sensitivity lifting is done by potassium citrate – see, I know my way around skin care ingredients pretty well but tooth care ingredients is all new to me!

Dr Uchenna’s My Smile Sensitivity Pen

You can thank enamel – or lack of – for tooth sensitivity. The outer enamel is akin to the epidermis in your skin – it gets harmed by daily activity such as eating and drinking or a poor dental hygiene routine. As if that’s not enough, receding gums will slowly diminish the enamel layer. I know, it sounds all gloom doesn’t it. Uchenna is always on at me to floss but I hate it – I use those little Tepee brush sticks instead which is much more bearable than trying to get both hands in your mouth to floss! Reasons why the Dr Uchenna’s My Smile Sensitivity Pen should be in your holiday packing – ice-cream, mojitos and those massive gin and tonics that you get in a stemmed glass soup bowl! Thank you Spain :-). If you get those zingers just looking at anything chilled, you need the pen. Also, if you have retainers you can brush the inside with the pen to soothe those very particular pains.

Dr Uchenna’s My Smile Sensitivity Pen is £22 HERE.

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