[unpaid/sample] If you follow the beauty calendar, you’ll know that you should have started to get your feet ‘summer ready’ *insert eye roll* months ago. If you’re like me, the emerging warmth has you taking SOS action because you just couldn’t be bothered back in March when it seemed like there would never be another summer. This Body Shop Peppermint pair has come just in the nick of time – this very evening I am putting my toe varnish on!

The first, the Invigorating Foot Scrub, £10, has volcanic pumice to get your feet tingling and properly sloughed. It’s properly minty – a slightly aggressive mint I have to say but since its sourced from UK farms I’ll forgive the intensity – and properly scrubby. You do need to be generous and work it around your feet thoroughly before rinsing off. You’ll feel and smell the peppermint from the very get-go, so if you have sore, tired feet you will definitely get a perk up. Follow on with the Peppermint Invigorating Foot Cream, £12, which is equally cooling and refreshing as well as very moisturising. I’m not a fan of ‘textures’ on my feet but these will very nicely do the job of freshening and primping before you embark on the more fun activity of applying nail polish.

This CHANEL shade, Lilis, is an absolute favourite of mine – I’m eking it out because it doesn’t exist any more. However, I’ve found a colour that is very similar called Premiere Dame HERE. I like the warmth and understated-ness of the pink and coral blend – it’s just a very easy colour to wear. As a tip, run some nail polish remover over your nails before you add base coat and polish. You’ll get much longer last that way.

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