Since having some tooth problems (notably, a tooth infection just a couple of days before I went on holiday, which resulted in going to a walk-in centre, an emergency dental trip, a visit to a doctor while in Hong Kong (where I saw a chest doctor – it was the best I could do) followed by two further dental appointments when back in the UK) I’ve become ever so slightly (a lot) obsessed with teeth. Despite having spent about £400 on all the trauma – and there wasn’t even a filling involved – I’m definitely of the opinion that prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

I’m also pretty convinced that UK dental care is the next national scandal – it is so expensive that it is almost prohibitive.. in fact it is prohibitive to a large proportion of families who might be expected to drop £80 plus on one measly filling and I am not sure where you find that kind of money on a tight budget. Private dentists are plenty; NHS dentists are virtually impossible to find. Give it a few years and the state of the nation’s teeth will be very high on the agenda. 

So, when the Philips Sonicare Airfloss landed in my lap, I found it irrisistible. I am a tooth geek now, and a little bit addicted to Airflossing. Basically, you charge it, fill the integral container with water and press the button. This fires off air and water at a supercharged rate between your teeth, effectively safely blasting away any, erm, debris. It takes less than a minute to do your whole mouth and frankly is a million miles more dignified that sawing away with waxed cotton and all the contortions that takes – I mean, you really can’t get two hands in your mouth.. well, I can’t at any rate. I’ve found it at various prices across the internet, but it seems that officially it is around the £90 mark. Same as a private filling more or less and I know which I’d rather have.

Don’t even start me on the Philips Diamond Care toothbrush that comes with a charging cord that you can re-charge the brush on your laptop. If they develop a kettle with a laptop charge wire, then I could literally never leave my computer.

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