Kiss The Moon Candle
Kiss The Moon Orange & Geranium Candle

Now that autumn is beginning to appear, the thought of a beautiful aromatic candle to make darker evenings seem more soothing seems like such a treat. One of my favourite things about when summer disappears – it’s my favourite season and as a long time sufferer of SAD, I hate to see it go – is the grand snuggle down. Favourite blanket, cup of something hot and delicious and a decent hour  or two of TV and I’m really, really happy! My SAD is hugely reduced even from a few years ago but I can still get into the ‘don’t want to go anywhere or do anything mood’ quite easily. I saw something on the news the other day that we don’t get enough rest, never mind sleep, so those snuggle down hours are precious and nothing to feel guilty about. The washing can wait.

You have to set your own mood I think and the lighting of a candle is a good way to symbolise that rest time. Kiss The Moon really focusses on sleep, so everything they make, including the Orange & Geranium candle, is designed as a backdrop to that rest or sleep space. It’s important. I find that when I’m so busy, relaxing isn’t quite the easiest of things, but putting a little ritual in place is helpful – so, only that favourite blanket when you’re serious about relaxing, only that particular candle and that particular favourite hot drink – it’s as much about resting your mind as your body.

Orange and geranium is a soothing combination (it’s called the Glow candle) – it’s cocooning and comforting but as long as its a fragrance that sets your mood, you aren’t bound to that. The brand does use aromatherapy in a knowledgeable way and if you’re a believer (I am) in the power of aromas to soothe, then I’d recommend it, more as a quiet and supportive companion to your restfulness than a blast of aromatic oils. Right now, my sleep is completely erratic – I wake in the night and then wake at silly o’clock but this is a familiar pattern that I know will go away when I’m less busy and I’ll be back to going out like a light. I take as many restful moments as I can because my sleep is not on track and I know it’s helping.

Kiss The Moon is HERE and the candle is £38.

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