[unpaid/sample] It’s getting to that time of year when candle craving starts. Saigon inspired Cochine has the most delicious season appropriate candle in the form of Orange Amere & Star Anise. It’s a blend of bitter orange with sweet and spicy notes that aren’t quite festive but capture the mood of autumn nesting.

Cochine Orange Amere & Star Anise Candle

Those licorice-like notes of star anise come through nicely with a powdery wrapping so you don’t think of food (maybe a faint touch of Parkin – recipe HERE) and it’s so soft with resinous accents.

Cochine Orange Amere & Star Anise Candle

You will not want to throw the box away – it’s very sturdy with a glamorous red tassle and will easily convert to housing a necklace or two once the candle is out and burning.

Despite there being clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, Cochine Orange Amere & Star Anise Candle doesn’t smell particularly festive to me – it’s more of a run up than a main event – although if you prefer low key over that time, this is perhaps a nod to it. The bitter orange notes are delicious and give me snuggle down vibes rather than cracker pulling, while the Guaiacwood element is balancing and an earthy influence on the scent as a whole.

Cochine Orange Amere & Star Anise Candle

There’s always a sense of apprehension when the clocks are about to change – I keep telling myself it’s not the end of something, it’s the beginning of something and while I know a candle won’t put those feelings at bay, it’s things like a comforting candle, bangers and mash, a new cosy blanket or a juicy book you can really get stuck into that help with seasonal shifting. The big plus is that you won’t feel guilty for not being outside ‘enjoying the weather’. The candle is £45 HERE.


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