The Generation Q collection from Illamasqua is venturing into fairly unchartered waters with an ‘ageless’ collection. It’s not so much the products that have anything particularly ageless about them – pretty much any make-up can be worn by anyone – but rather the marketing materials and advertising around it. It’s an exceptionally good reminder to older women, who might have lost confidence with their make-up or looks, that actually, make-up is still fun, still sexy and still enhancing. 

It’s all very well when you are in your teens or twenties and pretty much everything looks wonderful, but women definitely do lose confidence as they get older and beauty starts to mean something quite different. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard older women say they don’t wear much make-up any more – just a slick of lipstick or something. Well, fine if you can’t be bothered or simply don’t want to, but if it is a question of feeling there is no point, there IS every point. We are a youth focussed society for sure, but we need to shake off the belief that beauty and youth are mutually exclusive. They aren’t. 

It is the greatest of pleasures to me to see older women still looking immaculately groomed, who haven’t dived into the safety of grey hair, even greyer looking skin and a novelty fleece. If you choose to give up on make-up and grooming, that’s a personal choice, but I can quite see that with the beauty industry’s obsession with all things young, flawless and wrinkle free that it’s easy to take cover and give up. But, the point Illamasqua is making is that beauty is pretty well ageless and not in the least race specific. Defining beauty is impossible, but one thing is for certain, age has nothing to do with it. That we link youth with beauty is purely advertising driven by the beauty and fashion industries mainly and unlinking the two is one of the biggest challenges of the century. So, nice one Illamasqua, for making the start that I hope others follow. 

Generation Q launches on 6th September. 

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