A little while ago, The Job Academy asked me to do a post for them on how to find a job in the beauty industry. It’s up and live HERE, with all my tips but the bottom line of it is to remember that the beauty industry is made up of many, many parts, from formulators and packaging specialists all the way through to sales and marketing, and of course, writing. The more open your mind is to what aspect of the beauty industry to work in, the more options you have.

Blogs have really opened up the industry – it’s not so secretive any more and much more attainable; I think blogs have educated people who want to work in some way with beauty to the myriad of options and made it seem far less daunting and more viable. Of course, one of my top tips is to have a blog to showcase your talents – if you’re going to use your blog as talent showcase, leave all your personal posts off – no sneaky selfies with your new shoes if you’re attempting to show the world how great at design you are!

One of the best places to look for beauty jobs is Linked In, but there is an art to creating the perfect profile so make sure you do plenty of research first (there are a lot of on-line sites that tell you how – a good one is HERE) to maximise your options.

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