Oh, wow! I love all of this collection, but there are a couple of stand-outs that really hit the spot. Firstly, L’Ombre Noire Multi Purpose Shadow For Eyes, £34. This is a waxy, black shadow that gives an instant smoky eye with a real smack of pigment that you can build up as much or as little as you like. If you just touch the surface, you’ll get a smudgy dark grey, but if you layer up, you can go as black as you like. Although on the surface you can see some dark blue sparkles, these don’t translate to the eye particularly. The finished effect has a waxy sheen to it, although I’d advise warming it first as it takes some working in (bearing in mind that this is a winter collection). You can also use it wet or dry – wet being far more intense than dry. In fact, you can use it (wet) on the tips of lashes although not too sure why you’d want to.

One swipe.

Three swipes!

The next stand-out for me is Phenomen’Eyes in Plum Sparkle, £20, that totally delivers as a glitter top coat for lashes. I love the fact it is darkly sparkled with a deep pinkish/purple rather than traditional silver or gold (there is a gold one also) and makes lashes look twinkly and pretty rather than clogged and false. I’ll swatch it properly when I have a sample.

Shown here in Gold.

The rest of the collection is shown here and launches in October. 

L’Or Celeste (above) is the finest possible golden shimmer; I’m not a major fan of sparkly bits but this is beautiful and of course, who doesn’t love a boudoir style puff. It’s £42.

Finally, Vernis Please! in Noir Celeste, a beautiful, sheeny black sprinkled with shimmer particles. It looks grey in the picture but does actually appear as a deep, black lacquer. £12. 

There are a couple of other items – a gold shadow that’s a bit on the yellow side for me, and also a lush lipstick and gloss, Rouge Celeste, £19.50, in deepest pink-red that is cleverly close to natural lip tones, and also a shimmering black gloss, Celestial Black, £18.

Rouge Interdit in Rouge Celeste

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