[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] To be honest, it was like all my lip balm Christmasses came at once when this landed on my desk! Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip Tint is absolute perfection in texture – super hydrating, non-sticky and more importantly, stays on the lips far longer than most of this ilk.

Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip Tint Review

The shade is a ‘universal’ colour which amplifies your own natural lip shade – it’s quite hard to describe but I’m going to go in with a milky plum wash. It’s highly transparent so you won’t get a big kick of colour but enough that your lips look soft, conditioned and flushed.

The texture is smooth and lush, leaving a glorious translucent gleam – you’ll need to make sure that you keep it at room temperature; not relevant now but you’ll need to be strong as an ox to squeeze this out of the tube if you’ve kept it in a freezing bathroom overnight. The reason is that it contains lanolin which is notoriously temperature sensitive as anyone who has tried to wrestle Lanolips out of the tube in January will know. In fact, I’d say that Dr Sam’s Flawless Lip Tint has similarities to Lanolips but the inclusion of ceramides is what elevates it to a more sophisticated version. So, we need more colours, obviously (neutral and red please Dr Sam!) and I’d like a pointed tip for instant application – as things stand with the tube opening, it feels more natural to take some of the balm onto your finger and apply in that way. It’s £15 and I’m giving it as many ticks as I can think of! You can find it HERE.

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