[unpaid/sample] One of the things I’m always aware of when I’m enthusing about beauty cleansing balms is that they’re completely off the menu for a number of people who have sensitivities – particularly around essential oils. Plus, of course, some people really don’t like the ‘typical’ spa scents and would prefer not have them in their products, but try finding those products!

Creature of Habit Cleansing Balm (Fragrance Free)

Creature of Habit is a great discovery if you fit into any of the above categories and what’s more is that it feels that the creator (Jaina – background in chemical engineering and diploma in organic skincare formulation) had some fun with this formulation, making it as loose and shiny as a balm could possibly to be before it liquifies into an oil. It turns into a milk on the skin which will also be bliss to those who don’t like the residue that’s left from balm-to-oils.

Creature of Habit Cleansing Balm (Fragrance Free)

It’s as thorough a cleanser as you can find and I had the same thrill on opening this as I do when I’m about to put a spoon into a gloriously decadent chocolate mousse! The USP of Creature of Habit is to downscale your beauty routine – I realise the irony that simply by opting into that theory you are adding to it albeit temporarily – and simplify what you’re putting on your skin. Key players are Squalane, Bisabolol, Glycerin and Safflower (high in linoleic acid which might help with break out skin as it’s often found to be lacking in that particular acid).

Creature of Habit Cleansing Balm (Fragrance Free)

The Everywhere Balm is a combination of calendula, shea butter and rosehip seed oils (as key ingredients) which makes it a power player for dryness and bringing down inflammation (think chapped skin, sore outdoor skin, irritated skin and chafing) although you can use it anywhere. It’s a firm balm so you’ll need to warm it between your fingers if you have more than just a dot to apply but once applied, moisture is not leaving your skin! It contains beeswax so not suitable for vegans. It’s £22 and the Cleanser is £34 HERE.

While I’m on the subject of cleansing, I’ve rediscovered my beloved Washi Cloths which are the most perfect accompaniment to balm cleansing. They’re not as weighty and wet as a flannel and not as sad and floppy as a muslin but still retain heat from water which is helpful to remove any balms or wipe off cleansers (and face masks). A happy reunion! They’re £6.50 for 3 HERE. My original post from 2012 is HERE – and I still have those cloths so that tells you how well they last!



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