[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] There’s a difference between acne and breakouts – acne is an on-going condition, breakouts are a symptom so someone who gets breakouts doesn’t necessarily have acne but someone who has acne will experience breakouts as part of their acne condition. It’s also the case that in the US, blemish treatments can be labelled ‘acne’ treatments, whereas in the UK, they cannot. So if you search for these new products in the US, you’ll see they’re called ‘Clarifying Acne Gel Cleanser’ and ‘Blemish Mark Fading Gel’ rather than Clarifying Blemish Gel Cleanser and Acne Mark Fading Gel. I must admit, it sounds punchier and more heavyweight as an acne treatment than it does as a blemish treatment. I think one thing that the Kate Somerville website really needs is an explanation of how to tell whether you have acne or just plain old spots! I got my information of the difference HERE.

Kate Somerville Blemish Solutions

That said, and it’s an observation rather than a complaint, these new products hold a lot of promise for the blemish prone, not least for their non-drying credentials. Skin drying and flaking is the single biggest issue I see with spot treatments – I’ve experienced it myself but I rarely get breakouts although I’ve noticed they pop up more regularly than they used to. It could be hormonal or it could be lifestyle factors but they’re more frequent without being regular. Blemish Gel Cleanser is a mix of salicylic acid, niacinamide and prebiotics and if you are prone to breakouts will help to act as a deterrent by keeping skin mildly exfoliated so blocking doesn’t occur. It’s also good for congested pores. I think the main take-away with this cleanser is that it won’t dry out your skin so you can use it all over your face. If you have almost permanent breakouts, twice a day use can help to bring things under control although I haven’t personally tested it for this.

Kate Somerville Blemish Solutions

What you’re paying for here, because you can get salicylic in any form at any price, is the careful blend that looks after your microbiome to bring it into some sort of alignment that allows your complexion more resilience and harmony. The Blemish Mark Fading Gel has a higher concentrate of salicylic at 2% (the cleanser is 1%). In clinical trials (in the US), 81% saw some fading of the marks left by blemishes (whether dark marks or redness) and after a week, 91% saw blemishes reduced in size and redness. I attended the Zoom launch of this product yesterday and learning from that, including before and afters, you could expect to see spot related redness greatly reduced at three days which is significant because the inflammation around a spot is often worse than the actual pimple making it well worth having in your routine if you regularly break out. I should say that due to the addition of pine and thyme oils, the products have a ‘medical’ smell which quickly fades but did take me by surprise while testing. I like Kate Somerville formulations in general – it’s a brand that isn’t afraid to hit hard on perceived skin problems and past experience (Exfolikate for one, Goatmilk and SPF50 for others) shows they are effective so I feel positive about the outcomes of these blemish control products. They’re pricey – the Gel is £38 HERE, and the Fading Gel is £58 HERE. The other product I’d recommend for blemish and oil prone skin is the Oil (and fragrance) Free moisturiser that gives a mattifying effect and provides skin hydration without oil. It’s £59 HERE and expect it to be the most pinched product in your cupboard because it’s great for men too.

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