Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Palette Open

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this: Bobbi Brown is an enduring favourite of mine for being instantly wearable. However, the Navy & Nude collection is a bit of a mixed bag. The palette itself is stunning, with a marbled effect on the outside. The shades are: Ivory, Cement, Blazing Star Sparkle, Beige Shimmer Wash, Twilight Metallic Pink, Slate, Rich Navy.

Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Palette Exterior

The marbling just gives the palette a special edge. The colours inside are all as you’d expect from Bobbi. Easy, wearable and flattering.

Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Palette Swatch

You can see they are really gentle…it’s only when you put the navy into the mix that it really comes alive.

Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Suede

The new shade Long Wear Cream Shadow in Suede is absolutely perfect with the navy.

Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Swatch Navy and Suede Long Wear Cream Shadow

I’m wearing this combination today. However, the downside is that the navy shade is more of a midnight and doesn’t really let enough blue shine through. It’s also quite shimmery with a lot of glitter drop. It was literally all over my face.

Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Palette

Also, after swatching the palette, one of the shades )Blazing Star Sparkle) got a dark cast over it – you can see above – where the shadow becomes hard to lift up on a brush. I don’t know if there is a technical word for this, but I really wasn’t expecting that.

Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Brightening Brick

Navy is the shade that brings this whole look together; the polish is gorgeous – deep but still blue and if there is one pick from this collection, I’d opt for Suede Long Wear Shadow and use any of your existing dark blues – they are made to be together! Th e Brightening Brick is very sweet and adds a pink-ish sheen but I’m never quite sure about shimmer palettes for cheekbones… I can’t think how you’d ever actually finish one.

There are also some really pretty glosses – a very transluscent pink (Sailor), a dark toffee shade (Honey) and a creamy nude (Nougat).

The Navy & Nude Palette is £48, the Brightening Brick is £40, Long Wear Shadow is £18, Glosses are £18 and the Nail Polish is £11. I am pretty sure that BB has had a bit of a price hike recently – I don’t remember them being quite so pricy. Anyway, we’ve got til July to think about it because that’s when the collection launches.





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