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Surely Not

Has anyone seen the Sure Advert yet for the launch of the latest Fragrance Collection anti-perspirant? I don’t mind a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but this one…
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Real Body Care

Not everyone has a huge array of choices when it comes to skin care. There are those who are super-sensitive to just about everything, and a product being simply ‘organic’…
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Semi-Matte Nails

I’m really pleased with this nail look using butterLondon Knees Up, Deborah Lippmann My Old Flame and Chanel Mat Velvet Top Coat – and nail guides. It’s really fiddly but…
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Jersey Cow

I haven’t tried this range yet although I’ve featured it once before, but adore the packaging so wanted to give it another show. Jersey Cow is from – yes –…
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Speed Reviews!

I don’t get nearly enough time to have an in depth look at all the brands that contact me; it is literally impossible. That said, I always like to look…
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Don’t Buy This!

I wanted to feature this product because the tag-line made me laugh out loud – for being so ridiculous. But, I don’t recommend slimming pills to anyone, ever. Just so…
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