Has anyone seen the Sure Advert yet for the launch of the latest Fragrance Collection anti-perspirant? I don’t mind a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but this one is so ridiculous that words fail me every time I see it. Well, they don’t actually, but they aren’t repeatable on here. For those who haven’t seen it, it features a Karl Lagerfeld-esq man sweeping down some stairs leaving a glamorous function. He is a ‘perfumier’. He leaps into his chauffer driven car and begins to wonder (aloud) how women ‘can smell great and tackle sweat’. Now, I’m sorry but that is the most incredible stretch of the imagination on its own. But, our fine ‘perfumier’ has got the bit between his teeth and decides ‘there and then’ that his fine fragrance must go into a long-lasting anti-perspirant, rather than languish in expensive glass bottles. What, really? When perfume in glass bottles starts at around £30 for 30ml and he wants his scent in a product that costs £1 for 150ml. He’s mad. He’ll be broke in no time and have to let that chauffer go. To be honest, I’m wracking my brains to think how this ever got past the drawing board on the creative team. It’s so unbelievable and actually just such a mish-mash of old ads anyway – I keep expecting a plate of Ferrero Rocher to appear – that it is thoroughly off-putting. I’d avoid the product because of the ad. And, when I went to Google it to make sure I had the words correct to write this, I Googled ‘Dove’. So, it hasn’t worked either. 

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