Not everyone has a huge array of choices when it comes to skin care. There are those who are super-sensitive to just about everything, and a product being simply ‘organic’ doesn’t mean that sensitivities won’t occur. Natural actives can often trigger allergies or skin reactions. So, finding a skin care line (albeit a small one) that only uses literally four ingredients significantly diminishes the possibility of reactions. Real Body Care only uses Shea butter, a couple of natural oils and organic essential oil. It’s this paring down to the very basics that skin actually needs that puts this little brand in a special place, skin care wise. I received two samples; one Rosehip and Shea Butter containing Shea butter, almond oil, rosehip oil and lavender oil. I loved the moussy texture and deep level of moisturisation but loathed the hempy smell, but on the other hand, Apricot & Shea was a whole other story. With orange essential oil, apricot kernel oil, Shea butter and sweet almond oil, it smells lightly fruity and very pretty.

Now, the products do leave a slightly oily residue on the skin and I feel are really only for the super-dry or notorious flaky trouble spots such as post-holiday shins where the tan disappears before you’ve even got off the plane home. 

The Real Body Care ethos is to diminish the amount of chemicals we put into our bodies via skin. On a personal note, that issue doesn’t really bother me, but is a key factor for some. But I guess if you are going to do a no-chemical route, then food and skin care are top places to start eradicating it. Pass the mung beans, someone.

A large tub is £25, a travel tub is £3 and a medium tub is £15.

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