[productsample/affiliate] To my children, Deep Relax is what home smells of. They’ve got so used to me steeping in it on wintery evenings when only a long, hot bath will do. Somehow, it just fuels my soul and I’ve been using it consistently ever since I discovered it. I wrote for FT about a limited edition AA oil for Harrods that was £175 for the bottle and even that isn’t as lovely as Deep Relax.

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Because the scent (chamomile, sandalwood and vetiver predominantly) is an olfactory trigger for me to wind down, Deep Relax Sleep Mist is obviously going to be effective for me in at least giving me a brain ping that it’s time to chill. I think that sleep mists only work if you’re receptive to the idea – insomnia is no joke and misting your pillow isn’t going to make all that much difference unless you’re prepared to work at it becoming a sleep signal. Over a period of time that’s achievable but you maybe need a mind-shift to allow it to happen. Sleep is so complicated – I can go from sleeping like a baby for months and then suddenly I’m awake at 4am every morning. Podcasts are the thing that see me through those early mornings because I figure that at least I’m learning something even if I can’t sleep which makes it feel like more of a useful time than a terrible time. Nine times out of ten I fall back to sleep mid-cast.

Because I know how well Deep Relax works for me I do think that it’s a blend that can very much help (but not cure) put you in an olfactory pattern that you can associate with relaxing and sleeping. It’s just a kind thing to do for yourself really. SpaceNK has it HERE for £28.

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