UKA Base Coats

I think I might be in danger of becoming low maintenance! Since I discovered tone matching UKA Base Coats, I haven’t used nail polish – we are talking at least three weeks here which is unheard of. It’s a Japanese range and naturally, with an attention to detail that can only come from that country, gives my nails a cleaner, brighter look with a healthy sheen. I’ll say ahead that there are no swatches because the effect is subtle (and the white background of the nail wheel just doesn’t show it at its best) but they give a finished look that a bare nail cannot have.

UKA Base Coats

They aren’t tone correctors, they’re tone matchers and that’s what makes the difference. Unlike the mannequin hand trend for nails that exactly match your skin colour, UKA controls your nail shade as a make up primer might, adding low level lustre and a perfected finish. The shades are 1/0 Milky Pink which any tone can use, 2/0 Healthy Pink (which is what I use) and again, any tone can use this. The there’s 3/0 Greyish Purple for hands with red tones, 4/0 Greyish Blue for skin with blue tones and 5/0 Sand Beige for skin with yellow tones.

I guess you could say they’re like tone match stockings – for nails – but perhaps the best analogy I can think of is when your white bras go a bit grey and you don’t realise til you buy a new white bra just how much more vibrant it is than the old ones. I should also say that you can use literally just one coat to protect your nails before applying a varnish (it contains the UKO nail serum whose ingredients are a mystery, i.e. I can’t find them!) or build up to four coats to get more of a subtle nail colour rather than the discrete brightening (yes, it dries really quickly). Anyway, if you can’t be bothered with the upkeep of a full-on nail paint but realise that your nails need perking up, these are for you. You can find them HERE for £19 (free delivery) each.




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