[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m setting quite a lot of store by this base coat. My nails are once again in a shocking state – I haven’t had a full set where one or two aren’t broken or chipped or peeling for a long time. Things seem to worsen after wearing nail polish on the odd occasion when I do. I use an oil nightly, take supplements for my skin that ought to benefit my nails too and yet, here we are. I make a little progress in flexibility and strength and then it all goes to pot again.

Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat for Nails

My toe nails however are quite chipper – none of the problems that my fingernails have, thankfully. I’m good at remembering to put a base coat on them before polish because at the end of the summer, I don’t want yellow nails. I don’t know about you, but I don’t take off my toe nail polish from one week to another so no base coat is a guarantee that they’ll look pretty peaky by the time I do. That’s one of the points that Mavala 002 makes – it promises to prevent yellowing and extend the life of whatever polish you’re wearing in this revamped formula.

Mavala 002 Protective Base Coat for Nails

I probably need a nail ‘tonic’ for my fingernails and I’m convinced that every time I use nail polish remover, it weakens them further by drying them right out. The possibility that I’d have to remove less often is quite a draw – once my nails are in any sort of decent order I’ll test the duration – I know I can only usually get about five days out of a home manicure before chips begin to show. Additionally, it contains silicum which supports the nail to grow stronger with a flexible barrier which I guess would also mean that my nails are protected from the usual culprits such as detergents and water. On toes, this longevity (if it exists) will hopefully prevent the horror when you suddenly look down at your toes in your lovely sandals and realise they look like someone has been chewing on them! The cheapest place I can find this is Amazon for £13 HERE although I bought some new trainers and got an extra £10 off because of Prime offers so you never know- maybe there’s something more.


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