[affiliate/ad] One way and another, I’ve spent a lot of time in TK Maxx over the past week. Firstly, I was admiring a pair of my sister’s ear-rings and when she told me they were from TK Maxx, we were straight in the car for me to get a pair. As it turned out, I got four pairs, and a bracelet. Who knew? I’ve never even looked at TK Maxx jewellery before.

tk maxx earrings

This is one of the pairs – the selection is much better in stores, but these are £12.99 HERE. Usually, I can’t wear anything but gold (expensive allergy) but these are absolutely fine – in fact, so far, they all are. I’m a bit of a hoop fan but I’ve seen some drop ear-rings that I like the look of too and I cannot remember the last time I bought a pair of those.

TK Maxx Candles

The other things that turned my head are the candles – I really couldn’t leave this sitting on the shelf and it’s every bit as lovely as I’d hoped. I love citrus fragrances and this is a nice, gentle orange. DW Candles is a US brand and not one I’d come across before but looking at their website, RRP is approx $14.99 and this was £5.99. As with the jewels, the selection in stores is much, much better, but there are a couple on the website from this brand as well as the selection below that I saw and sniffed in store, but are available on line if you’re not near a TK Maxx or Home Sense.

TK Maxx Candles

I very nearly bought this instead – Sand & Fog Mandarin Grapefruit, another US brand that retails (this size) for around $28 – this is £12.99 HERE. There are a few on line options from this brand including French Lavender and Vanilla Sandalwood.

TKMaxx Candles

These Castelbel candles retail for £29.99 and this is – yes you guessed it – £12.99 again HERE! I’m not really a fan of sage – it’s too foodie for me but if you like a herbal citrus, it’s going to be right up your street. There’s a Fig & Pear option, too.

tk maxx candles

Again, from DW (and I didn’t see this in store) for £10 is this violet candle. I love a violet scent and it’s really  unusual to come across it in candle form. It’s £10 HERE. There are a plenty of options from this brand, including Pink Rose, Sea Salt and Vanilla (that’s not all one candle!). It just seems like it’s a good time to stock up on candles – there’s a bit of autumn in the air (I read in the paper that we are two weeks ahead of schedule autumn-wise) … I don’t know about you, but I’ve stopped craving salads and am looking hard at jacket potatoes!

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