[unpaid/sample] Much as I love to cosy down under a rug it’s all too easy at the moment – this daylight shift I think is going to be difficult this year because of everything. I used to have terrible SAD which has got easier over the years – but at the same time also get summer sadness, but weirdly, not this year. Basically, my body hates change. The lethargy that comes with colder weather and less light is such a struggle for some and while I’m in no position to dole out advice I do know some of the things that help me. First and foremost is mind-shift – just taking the time to appreciate the nice things about autumn and winter and make a mental check to think how nice it is that the winter sun is shining through the windows or that the leaves are impossibly beautiful – remember that 15 minutes of sunlight on your forearms that’s recommended to keep up Vitamin D? Just the physical act of standing or walking outside with bare arms out when every bit of your being wants to keep them covered – it’s funny! Hang then out of your window if you have to – the temperature change is a wake up – dive back in and make a hot chocolate or coffee afterwards. Next is to not feel bad that you don’t feel great. I have felt on and off guilty all weekend that on Sunday I pretty much did nothing at all except watch Netflix. Nothing days are ok – make them as pleasant as possible – watch the film you’ve been meaning to, hunker down under a blanket, turn your sofa into a day bed .. the thing that ruins nothing days is feeling that you should be doing something. Try to speak to someone every day – by phone (or even text), at the shops or out walking. Dog walkers love to talk about their pets so they’re a great target for a conversation opener. One of the most enriching conversations I ever had was asking a lady in the park why her bouncy dog was so happy – she replied ‘I think it’s because she is so loved’. I have never forgotten it and it makes my heart sing to this day. Over lockdown when we were just allowed an hour a day walking, it was sunny and I passed a woman sitting on her own on a bench by the pond. She was wearing a bright dress and looked so beautiful, elegant and serene – so I told her. She was so surprised she held her heart – that was her first instinct. So, it’s worth it because you carry these nuggets for ever.  Accept that rubbish days are ahead but also that one rubbish day doesn’t mean a hundred to follow. So, to draw in Fulvic Body Lotion to this lengthy introduction – change and my body hating it…

Fulvic Health Body Lotion

Yes – it’s greige. But when you know why, the colour is suddenly a non-issue. Fulvic acid comes from organic matter in soil and peat so is abundant in natural minerals – a single Fulvic Acid molecule can carry over 65 minerals and trace elements directly to cells. Victoria Health HERE has a full feature on Fulvic which simply makes you wonder why it isn’t in absolutely everything. The Body Lotion is just one way to bring Fulvic Acid into your life and a few uses makes such a difference as my shins will tell you. This is an easy win for soft, hydrated body skin – containing hyaluronic, olive oil, jojoba and shea butter along with Synastol TC and HydroSynol DOI. Bear with – I’m trying to drill these last two down to a single sentence. Synastol slows down a particular enzyme that breaks down our natural hyaluronic – combine that with topical hyaluronic and the result is increased hydration – HydroSynol is good at long lasting moisture because it is lipophylic which means it is easily able to dissolve in fats or oils making it absorbable and therefore intense.

By the way, it doesn’t smell as earthy as it looks – it has a clean-washing kind of scent. I’d say you need five days to see and feel a noticeably silky difference especially if you’re central heating flaky. It’s £20 and not ultra thick so a little goes a long way and if you’re a regular sufferer with dry skin you’ll notice the lightness of it compared to thicker creams and how you get the same hydration result with far, far less of the sinking in time. It’s HERE. It feels like a treat for after you’ve hung your bare arms out of the window :-).


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