[purchase/affiliate/ad] There’s a bit of a sorry tale to these wash cloths – a friend sent me a packet back in the summer swearing they were the best things she’d ever used – which mysteriously disappeared. I just couldn’t fathom where they had gone at all and searched the house high and low before concluding that they’d been accidentally thrown out. But about a month ago, I found them in a bag under the sink, where they’d been mistaken for scouring cloths by our trusty cleaning lady. They were all scrumpled so I ordered some new ones and never mentioned it again although I am imagining they really weren’t very good at proper scrubbing!

Exfoliating Wash Cloths

These are from Korea – Japanese wash cloths tend to be more towel like in shape – and they’re not at all expensive yet remarkably effective at sloughing off dead skin cells on the body (not the face) in almost an instant. They’ll out-perform your best exfoliator and all you need is some slip in the form of a moisturising soap or body wash. In terms of texture, they’re made from viscose fibres that feel slightly rough – I’d say like fine sandpaper except without the stiffness. I should mention that some claim natural fibres but I’ve no way to check other than to say that viscose is on of those strange textiles that is a semi-synthetic fibre – it comes from a natural source but needs processing with chemicals. You can pop your hand in because they’re a mitten shape making it extremely easy to work around arms and legs, or wherever.

Exfoliating Wash Cloths

Because I’m not much of a self-tanner other than my face with Tan-Luxe Hyaluronic, I’m thinking that maybe these are common place in self-tan world and maybe similar to tan brands pre-tan cloths. Exfoliating wash cloths are nothing new but don’t seem to get the attention they should when they’re as effective as they are. If you do it once a day (less if you are sensitive), add plenty of moisturiser afterwards and stick to the routine, after a week or so you will feel transformed. Mine were £9.99 for 6 HERE, non-affiliate HERE, but they’re listing only 11 left in stock. There are a few alternatives but the nearest I could see are HERE.

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