[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] Back in the Christmas sales, I bit the bullet and bought an off-season grey linen bedding set from H&M which has absolutely come into its own now – I love it. I think it was £80 for a king (it had no packaging and was just lying all forlorn on a bottom shelf) but I have no regrets whatsoever. Ditto, my H&M linen tablecloth which, no matter how crumpled, manages to make a table look chic – shabby or otherwise. We’ve got a big extendable table and because the UK doesn’t do tablecloths very well (walk into any El Corte Ingles abroad and they know what they’re doing with tablecloths!) it was quite hard to find one big enough, but H&M delivered.

H&M Linen Tablecloth

I find them to be really decent quality – 140 x 320 cm is their biggest, I think, and at £49.99 feels very reasonable to me. It comes in 6 shades – I’m illustrating with the pink version because it shows up better on screen – and if you’re into your tablescaping, makes all the difference. I’m not but I do get to see some stunning tablescapes at events where it’s really a thing, and the most I’ll do is scatter a few flower petals and bring out a couple of candles. This large version is £49.99 HERE but you can get them for most standard size tables. It’s been completely a no-regret purchase. A top tip is to get some tablecloth clips if you’re eating outside – there’s a nice set on Amazon HERE

Of, of course, these little weights that ensure a gust of wind doesn’t ruin everything. They’re £7.99 HERE.

Linen Duvet

Likewise, my duvet set – no regrets. I love its crumpledness and its coolness, particularly at this time of year. It’s my plan to get a white one but as we have just got Dora, I’m taking my time to see if she is a dog that will allow for a white duvet cover or not! So far, she is a tidy girl but that could all change. They’re £119 which is cheaper than going to Provence – spritz it with some lavender and you could (almost) be there ;-). You can find them HERE.

I did find a pink double set in the sale for £80 HERE. I really coveted both a linen tablecloth and a linen duvet set but couldn’t ever quite justify but I’m very glad that I did on both counts.

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