[unpaid/sample] I always have reservations about claims on body washes because they’re on the skin so briefly that the likelihood of them being able to provide any active skin care is low. However, I’ve been trying the HydroPeptide Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash and think it’s the exception if you use it in the right way.


Using Shikimic acid (so named because it was originally derived from the plant named shikimi-no-ki in Japanese, although now more commonly derived from star anise) which has ten times the exfoliating power of glycolic acid, it actually does do some very nice chemical exfoliating. I could feel those familiar little pricklings over my arms, particularly at the back. However, I used it on damp skin before I got into my bath and allowed it a few minutes to do its work.

Exfoliating Body Wash

It’s not going to do anything at all if you use it in situ under a running shower. Obviously, you know the drill – exfoliation removes older cells so that newer, more shiny ones are revealed making skin look smoother and brighter. The obvious place for this is arms, I think, particularly if you have bumpy skin in that area. It’s £38 for 200ml approx so you probably want to save it for where the results might be seen. Don’t forget that you should apply SPF if your arms are bare because those newer cells are even more vulnerable to sun exposure. I like HydroPeptide Glow Revive Exfoliating Body Wash – I’ll definitely keep using it although probably will pick it up again in summer rather than waste the results on arms that won’t be seen. You can find it HERE.




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